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Use Key Phrases To Speak French or Spanish Fluently

Studying authentic phrases, dialogs  or chunks of French or Spanish for improving conversatiional fluency is nothing new. It is a time-tested and effective strategy used by all successful language learners. Read Why model phrases work. We have implemented this idea in two simple and inexpensive sets of learning tools:  visual aids in the form of  wall charts disguised as calendar and a series of flashcards.

What is the problem?  "I can understand a lot, but when I speak, I hesitate or stutter, search for words, worry about grammar, make mistakes and feel very frustrated." Sounds familiar?

To achieve true fluency and accuracy, one way is to work with a structured set of key model phrases, dialogs and entire conversations. Here are some sample French and Spanish conversations.

Memorize And Recall With Wall Calendars Of Key Phrases

The biggest problem in learning a new language is memorizing a vast amount of information that must be recalled and processed rapidly. Visual aids in the form of large colourful wall calendars are very effective for memorizing key words, expressions and patterns.

Each page focuses on a key grammar or vocabulary concept and contains 50 to 70 examples or chunks of authentic  language. With one glance you can focus on a particular example, a group or even the entire set. Looking at the calendar daily speeds up memorization and recall.

For more on what these calendars can do, read How the calendars work. They are available for purchase in a colour print edition   or in a  black and white pdf instant download that can be printed or viewed on most computers, tablets and e-readers.